Saturday, August 11, 2007


I am finally on VACATION! Two whole weeks! There were moments when I didnt know if I would make it... work has been extremely stressful for quite awhile now. BUT, here I am... on vacation AND in Nevada City.

Ovid and I left right after work yesterday and slowly (lots of Friday night traffic) made our way up to see my brother Michael and his partner Richard. I love coming up here! Its peaceful, quiet, and smells fresh and clean like only the country can. And of course, I love my being with my brother. They have a beautiful house in the foothills so there are lots of pine trees. We mainly come up here to do nothing... hang out, read, relax, eat... but the county fair is here this weekend so we'll go to that later today. That means CORN DOGS!! Whooohooo. I did remember my camera this time so I will upload pictures when we get back tomorrow.

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Runner Gurl said...

Have fun, Deb! Eat a curly fry or two for me.
: D