Thursday, August 23, 2007

FaVorITe WorDs

I wanted to remember and share some of my nephew's favorite words and phrases. Here are my top two:

In recent years my brothers started calling me "sissy". When my nephew was born my brother and sister in law decided I would be called Aunt Sissy. Colton has learned to say sissy but it sounds like "she-she". Both my mom and I frequently call him and sing him songs over the phone and ask him questions. Every time the phone rings he would say, "she-she". When we arrived last Wednesday we pointed to me and asked him who I was, and he said "she-she". Then we pointed at my mom and asked him who she was, and he said, "mo' she-she!" (Mo' is more, of course).

Colton has a snuggle bear that he absolutely loves and carries everywhere with him in the house. He calls it his "be-be". And, he frequently says, "oh my be-be, my be-be" in a loving voice. He will also put his hand on your arm and look at you and say, "oh my she-she, my she-she" in a loving tone. It just melts your heart! So cute or toot as Colton would say!

This is a picture of him in the wagon we bought him for Christmas. Its a great wagon for small kiddos with two little seats facing each other, cup holders, seat belts and its really easy to maneuver. We took him out in it everyday which was really fun.

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Runner Gurl said...

OMGosh... ADORABLE!!! I wish I could ride in the other seat... next to Colton and have you pull me around too!(Starbucks in the cup holder, of course)*giggle*

I'm so glad you had fun, gurlfriend. Your nephew is a VERY luck little guy.