Friday, April 13, 2007


My sweet time with my 14 month old nephew and what he is doing at this age:

1. The sound of his happy voice always got me out of bed in the morning. I just had to see him!

2. His delightful sense of humor.

3. He learned to put his pointer finger to his mouth and say "shhh!" with a twinkle in his eye. He'd do this when we'd pass by loud dogs barking.

4. We both love the book Jamberry.

5. His nighttime streaking from bedroom to bathtub. Elbows bent, high stepping, fist clutching and squeals of laughter from all of us.

6. His cool head-bob to music or songs that are sung. I still have songs like ABC and Wheels Go Round in my head.

7. He loves Itsy Bitsy Spider and knows all of the hand movements. He claps before were done as if he is telling us what a good job we've done.

8. We loved playing ball together and he would laugh everytime he caught the ball.

9. His signing the word "thirsty". (He's not deaf... his smart parents taught him sign language to reduce that toddler frustration of not being able to express their wants).

10. How he would really listen when I told him there was a bird singing.

11. How he would bend his elbows, palms up, fingers closed and wrist touching when he wanted to be picked up.... so very, very sweet.

12. Sliding down the steps, like a plank, on his stomach.

13. And lastly, at bedtime he would want each of us to hold him and give him his bottle.

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