Tuesday, April 10, 2007


We had a very successful Easter... with 12 kids under 2 and a couple of older ones... and about 23 adults! Everyone had a great time. And, I did get the 70 degree weather... but yesterday, on Monday. For Easter it snowed! We "hid" tons of Easter eggs and candy in small adorable little nests we created with plastic grass (which my brother and sister in law will be finding for a long time), but the kids really surprised us. Instead of taking the entire nest, which we thought they would do, they just took a candy or two from the nest. So adorable!

My nephew is so utterly adorable... and I am hopelessly and forever in love with this boy! We took him to the park yesterday and he is so fearless! He climbs and comes down slides face forward (with his auntie holding onto him of course). And then we took him to the aquarium. We all enjoyed his sense of wonder. There is nothing like watching a child ooohing aaaahing in delight!

I come home tomorrow night and I will be so sad to leave him!

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runnergurl said...

I love the nest idea. Your sweet nephew sounds like a perfect specimen of baby-ness.
: )

Have a safe trip! Glad you got the 70 degree weather!