Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gratitude List

Even though its Saturday, I wanted to add my gratitude list. I thought about it all day yesterday.

1. My sweetie is feeling better and is certainly healing.

2. Even though I broke the promise I made to myself to see the Dalai Lama the next time he came to town, no matter what... my heart was filled with joy to know that he was just two blocks away from where I work giving a talk. In fact, on my way into work, feeling tired and not wanting to be grumpy, I kept imagining that he would be driven past me and would look out the window and smile right at me! (This actually happened to someone I know the last time he was in town). Anyway, the fantasy put a great big smile on my face. At lunchtime, I also loved seeing all of the men in their red and gold robes and women in traditional Tibetan dress walking around.
2. Yesterday, I was very grateful that it was the end of the week and today I am very grateful that its Saturday!

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