Saturday, August 2, 2008

Road Trip, Part Two

After getting on the road again, we drove from Boulder to Las Vegas... up and over the beautiful Rockys through mountains meadows that are exactly as you imagine them. Then we wound our way through canyons that bordered the Colorado River. My pictures, taken from the car while speeding, arent great but give you an idea.

I am voting Utah as the most beautiful state we drove through. Both the northern and southern parts were gorgeous! Very different, but amazing. Then into Las Vegas where we partied like rock stars for three nights and two days! Ok, our level of rocks stars... no shows, penny and nickel slot machines (about a $1 at a time)... our big cash winning was won by Ovid - $10.85!!!!

This is one of my favorite things in Las Vegas... the water fountain show at the Bellagio. It is truly wonderful.

Here's Ovid inside of the "palazzo " in the Venetian Hotel. Its my favorite hotel on the strip. This picture makes it looks like it is daytime, but its not that bright. All the commercialism aside, I love all of the various forms of art that are celebrated in Las Vegas.

We spent one day on the strip (that was enough for me) and one day going out to the west rim of the Grand Canyon. We came within 25 miles of Kingman, AZ and thought we would have time to go see my friend Laura... but we ran out of time driving down and back this 14 mile unpaved road in our brand new car. Laura, I was thinking hard about you all day long hoping we'd get a chance to see you.

Gail this is for you: On our way to our hotel we walked by the TK (Toby Keith) nightclub!!!! Ok, I didn't see him, but I did see a poster of him. At that moment, I was too tired to even take my picture, but I sure was thinking about you!

Ok, if you're wondering why we went to LV it is because Ovid has grown nieces there. So I dubbed this The Niece & Nephew Tour. We had a chance to see two out of three of his nieces and spend quality time with them. They are amazing young women and I am enjoying getting to know them.

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Runner Gurl said...

Too tired to take a picture of TK's face??? That's like being too tired to take a picture of Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower, gurlfriend! (Ok... not QUITE like that, but close).
; )

I'm so glad you had a good time on your trip. For some reason, I'm not getting notice of your blog updates.
: (