Sunday, July 20, 2008

Road Trip!!! Part One

Ovid and I went on a great road trip last week! We drove north, then east, through three states: Nevada, Utah and Wyoming, then took a left into Colorado. We spent three nights and two days with my adorable nephews:

This is baby Gray or Graybug as we affectionately call him. He is eight months old and so incredibly sweet! He cried only once when we were there & it was his auntie's fault. He loves to laugh, loves balls of all sizes, and is crazy about his older brother. This boy has the perfect baby's body. He's solid, has the cutest thighs and is strong! I have never met such a strong baby before!

My mom sent out an easel for Colton so he and I did some wild painting: including painting hands, making paint pies (you've heard of mud pies, right?) and standing with both feet in the paint bucket. Yep, some of the paint got on the paper... and a bath was definitely needed later! But, oh we had a great time of it!

This is Ovid and Colton at the Farmer's Market. I love going to Farmer's Markets and Boulder has a really great one. We tasted lots and bought some treats for later.

Here's Colton trying on his Auntie's reading glasses. This boy makes me LAUGH!

We had such a great time with all of them! It was definitely too short a stay... I miss them already!

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