Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Everyday List

My dear friend Gail loves making lists and asked her friends to send her their lists. So here's mine:

1. Drink black tea with milk & sugar (till I feel awake!)
2. Tell my sweetie I love him
3. Talk to my mom & brother every day (I love them too!)
4. Stay present
5. Talk to my nephew at least once a week... more if I can reach my Boulder family (I love them too, of course!)
6. Get a good nights sleep
7. Eat well
8. Stay in contact with friends
9. Do the best job I can at work with kindness, understanding & compassion
10. Keep learning
11. Read
12. Exercise & make artwork whenever I can....

On other news, I bought a new digital camera, but it didn't come with a user manual... so one day soon... I should say one week soon, I will start posting with pictures again!


Runner Gurl said...

Sweet Debbie....

Your list made me:
1. Smile
2. Miss you
3. Remember how much I love my family and friends
4. Miss you
5. Open up the AFF site to look at the classes we will be taking
6. Think about trades
7. Miss you
8. Check the temperature for California
9.Wish I could just quit my job and stay home and play in my studio
10. Miss you


art spirit said...

I love your list! Your sweet spirit shines through...thanks for your comment...we are good for now!