Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Poked & Proded!

Today I took a sick day and made what felt like hundreds of appointments. I am so grateful to have good health insurance... but, whew, I am tired! I still have many more to schedule, but at least I got some of them out of the way.

The best part of the day was I got to have lunch with my BFFCindi who I never see often enough. We sat outside, the weather was just right, and ate at our favorite lunch spot. Life is good!

I also ran into Karen, my mentor when I was getting my masters and a dear friend, and a man who I hired over twenty-five years ago. He is still as sweet as ever. I remember him calling me at least once a day until I hired him. Today he told me that he owes me everything. It isnt true. He worked really hard in what I think is a very under-appreciated position. He stayed with that company for 10 years and said he had enough money afterwards to further his education. Its amazing. You never know how something you do for someone can make such a big difference.

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