Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Guilty Pleasure

Ok... maybe its not exactly new. Its no secret that I love to shop for art supplies and I hate to shop for clothes. However, I must amend that. I love to shop for wool and cashmere sweaters that I will recycle at my local Goodwill store. What a surprise. Its pawing through racks of clothes (which I hate), but everytime I find a sweater... its like I hit the jackpot. Today I didnt even take all of the sweaters home that I found. But, I did hit the jackpot! A beautiful designer, spring green, cashmere sweater with cables everywhere. And, the cost? A mere $3.50!!! I am hooked. Now I will have to be brave and actually make something with it!

1 comment:

runnergurl said...

Did you see Keely's Saturday class for AFF? If I'm remembering right, it was stuffed CrEaTuReS made with recycled sweaters!

: )