Thursday, March 29, 2007

Home Again

I am still at home today. My sweetie refused to take me to work with him... said I still too sick and needed to rest. So here I am.

I had wanted to go in today cause I feel guilty for taking two days off, plus I will be on vacation the week of Easter too. And I often seem to be sick when I have scheduled bingo! I especially wanted to go dinner tonight with two co-workers and a woman we used to work with. I love these women. They share my love for being of service, are so supportive and caring. We have made a great team over the years.

I finished the cleo clutch. One of the wonders of felting is that it hides all of my mistakes! Love that! I will post pictures this weekend.

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runnergurl said...

Still sick??? Ok... here is my prescription:

A short little run/walk. It will cure EVERYTHING right up!
; )

Lots of times when I run in the early morning (not my usual running time by any means), I think of you and ArtFiberFest.

Coffee and a run.... then all day learning fabulous things from teachers who took our breath away... It really was perfect.

Gail... hoping you are on the mend soon