Sunday, February 7, 2010

On-Line Classes

I have been bitten by the on-line class bug and have taken some amazing classes. I highly highly recommend taking DJ Pettitt's photoshop class! When she offers it again run and sighn up! The amount of information she offers is huge.

I also am just finishing Stephanie Lee's Thought Threads class and what an amazing journey thats been. I wasnt looking for a journaling class, but something about this class called to me and I am so glad that I listened! Not only does she write beautifully, but her posts and emails are always positive, supportive and uplifting. I am really sad that this class is ending and that she doesnt offer a TT 2! I am surprised that writing has really been supporting my artmaking.

Ok, there are two other classes I want to take. One is offered by Julie Pritchard and the other is by Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch From LA. Lots of fun is in store for me!


aimee said...

hey deb! for even more artful distraction i recommend you check out shannon's inside out e-course! it is awesome... i took the first one in january and had so much fun! hope all is well!

Stephanie Lee said...

HI There Thought Threads Two? You might be surprised. There's one percolating as we speak. :) Stay tuned. :)
SO glad you enjoyed the class. It has been a blessing to me to get to experience all the beautiful sharing that has come from what all of you students shared. Thanks so much for taking that leap of faith and joining in.

Michelle said...

oh debbie! so nice to read your post. learning new techniques & refreshing inspiration is important to the vitality of our creative process.

i think i saw one of the books you made from stephanie lee's class. gorgeous.

i look forward to more posts by you.

Michelle said...

so nice to read a blog by you.

i applaud you: learning new techniques & refreshing inspiration keeps the creative process vital. i think i might have seen one of the books you made from stephanie lee's class. gorgeous.

ileneharris said...

Hi Deb,

I'm Ilene Harris and also a participant in Stephanie's Metalsmithing class. Isn't it wonderful? I laughed when I read that you were at work and frustrated because you wanted to be home watching the videos. This is my first time taking an online class and I am so impressed! You live in the Bay Area? We are up in Humboldt County.

Beth Nicholls said...

Can't wait to see you in Jesse's class in February! Your classes sound like a lot of fun too. Will have to check them out

layers said...

Hello. You left a comment on my blog post and I have been on a trip and just getting back to the blog world.
I see you have not posted in some time but wanted to leave a comment and thank you for coming by my blog.