Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Month in Review!

Jeez, its been two monts since I last posted! Hmm, I have been busy... but thats a bit ridiculous!


Guess who came to visit me? Rice and Earl! (Sorry, Rice, I don't know how to put the two dots over your e) Its been waaaay too long and it was great hanging out for lunch and a short trip to Flax Art Store. I would have played all afternoon, but it one of my all time favorite bosses was retiring.

We've had DJ for six months now! Were all accustomed to each other. In fact, yesterday we took him to the off leash dog park by the bay, and we were able to let him off leash because he now has recall! It was an exciting moment for us. He's such a good boy and we love having him!

I have been doing some art. I made this journal with some scraps of my favorite paper. The picture isnt that great, but I am really pleased with how it came out.

Lastly, were on staycation! Taking some time for work, but staying home. Its lovely! So none of this for awhile:

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Lori S-C said...

lovely update! Will get the recipe to you soonest!