Sunday, April 20, 2008

Babysitting Duty

Yesterday while placing my jar of sun tea outside on my balcony, I accidentally startled two baby mourning doves who were hiding under my chair. They startled me too. Scared, one bird flew off right away while the other one fretted about trying to fly before she was finally able to wobble off to the nearby tree.

When I checked later they were back. The two baby doves sitting together shoulder to shoulder, beak to beak just like they were in a nest. Four eyes watching me... so very cute. As the sun was setting the momma bird came back for them and off they went. The one bird taking her time and finally wobbling off.

They were back early again this morning. Carefully hidden under my chair... nesting together shoulder to shoulder. And as I write this, the momma bird came back and fed them. I am happy to babysit these sweet ones anytime... just doing my part for Earth Day I guess.


Sweet Petunia said...

I am still on the fence about going...but if I do go...definitely want to be in your wing. When do you need to know? I think registration is 5/ we have to send them in together or just write the information on the form? A lot of people that went last year are not going this hopefully Teesha will have a good turn out. Thanks for including me.

I can't seem to find your hopefully you don't mind that I posted this here?

Runner Gurl said...

Awww.... they couldn't have picked a better home.

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a fun week.
: )

Love you tons....

Shari said...

If you give them a good home, those mourning doves will return, year after year. They are just the best. We have a pair that is nesting near us for the fourth year now. I love watching them. Hugs, Shari

Shari said...

I sent you an email, Debbie - 4/26 Hugs, Shari