Saturday, July 7, 2007

Encaustic Painting Class

I have always wanted to learn how to use encaustic paints, and since my usual art camp isn't until October, I signed up for a one day workshop. Here are a couple of photos from my day (I was too busy playing to take many pictures):

I had a great time.... even learned how to use a propane torch which was scary at first. That's it in the right hand corner of the above picture. In fact, the teacher began our class by telling us that the first piece of equipment you have to buy is antibiotic burn cream! When I saw the torch, I thought this may not be for me. LOL! But, I got over that. Tomorrow I will upload some pictures of my finished pieces.

1 comment:

Runner Gurl said...

BURN CREAM??? Goodness.... that DOES sound a little intimidating.
; )
Can't wait to see pics.