Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I love to make books. I recently found this blog where she is making a book a day. That is way too ambitious for me, but I will try to make one a week. Here are a couple of quick mini ones that I made and will give away as part of my trades at ArtFiberFest next week.


Donna said...

I love the mini-books, Deb. If your followers want to check out my Book-a-Day, it's at http://make-a-book-a-day.blogspot.com

Shari said...

Your trade recipients will be lucky, indeed, Debbie! These are the cutest... xoxo

b. said...

Your work is beautiful and so creative. You are impressively diverse in your art. No matter what aspect of art you delve into, it is exciting to see your artistic interpretations.
One of your admirers... Mom

Plaster said...

Wow, ambitious indeed. I am lucky to make a book a year!

Thank you dearest for your comment on my blog; you made my day. ((hug))