Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This made me soooooo happy.....

This morning in a family conference call with my Nevada City brother Michael and my Boulder family, my sister in law Brooke told me that she has an application on her IPhone that allows her to push a button and go right to my blog! WOW... who knew???! I just had to blog today so that they would have a something new to read!

My three year old nephew wanted to know what I was doing today so I told him that I was on vacation and going to a very pretty place where there are wild turkeys, hawks, and crows. (Of course I made the appropriate bird noises when naming each bird). I spent two very lovely days doing meditation and yoga at Spirit Rock. The grounds are so stunningly peaceful and beautiful. Here are a few pictures from my day (I tried to get the birds... but that just wasn't to be).

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