Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Motto

So, have you made any new resolutions for 2008? I decided that I am changing my focus. Yeah, I want/need to shed a few pounds, make more art, and exercise more (sound familiar?) ... but more than having new resolutions, I have decided that I have a new motto: It will work out okay. I admit to being a worrier, and usually things work out , so I decided that a new mantra is what I really need. What about you? Any new mottos? I'd love to hear from you.

Happy New Year... may thing year bring each of us what our heart desire's.

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Runner Gurl said...

"It will all work out ok"
*happy sigh*
That's a good one, Debbie.

I am still living by the motto I had engraved on a bracelet last year...
"just do the next right thing"

I like it for the same reason that you like yours: I am a worrier... an obsesser-over-everythinger.
; )

It reminds me to take one step... one moment.... one breath at a time.

Happy New Year, my friend!